Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of active and dedicated SPNSCC members who organize events, run member services, and run the day to day operations of the sister city relationship.

Board of Directors

JoAnn Blatchley and Kaitlin Ostlie, co-presidents
Maggie Quam, Linda Hashimoto van Dooijeweert, Bill Pesek, vice-presidents
Theo Thompson, secretary
Beth Blackledge, treasurer
Kristen Mastel, webmaster
TJ Souphaphone, membership
Amani Ahrens
Debra Caron
Courtney Hofflander
Thomas Kurihara
Robert Palmer
Al Zdrazil
Jim Kunzman and Larry Rossow, board members emeriti



Interested in volunteering or interning with SPNSCC but don’t have time to commit to the Board of Directors? Consider joining one of our committees or volunteering at an event. Interested parties should email JoAnn at

Additional Committees & Volunteers

Linda van Dooijeweert, Debra Caron, Carol Hanson, Kaitlin Ostlie
Events Commitee

Linda van Dooijeweert, Carol Weston Hanson, Jim Kunzman
Nominating Committee

JoAnn Blatchely, Kaitlin Ostlie, Linda van Dooijeweert, Jim Kunzman, Emerald Lu, Sister Ann
2015 60th Anniversary Committee

Kristen Mastel
Volunteer Webmaster

Kristen Mastel and Kaitlin Ostlie
Lantern Lighting Festival Coordinators

Cyndy McKeen
Global Harmony Labyrinth designer

All inquiries should be sent to